Wedding dresses! I LOVE wedding dresses and now I have finally found mine!

This is the newest creation from designer Jessica Williams as part of her Alvina Valenta collection.

Wedding gown designer Jessica Williams blends the old with the new in her Alvina Valenta Collection. The Alvina collection uses silky satins and delicate laces that simply project femininity. These dresses drape gracefully over the bride and have light beading and embroidery that add a dash of sparkle and glamor.

The left is the one I bought to walk down the aisle in.

Shopping for wedding dresses is actually really hard!

I purchased mine at Ivy Bridal Studio in Columbus Ohio, which has an amazing selection.  Ivy had a ton of beautiful wedding gowns to choose from and every single one of them was gorgeous.

Anyways I just had to share. So excited.

Vintage Wedding Dress

Wedding flowers often get overshadowed by the other elements of the day.  But flowers are one of the most important design decisions of you will make for your wedding!  Take for example this small floral accent designed by wedding florist Madison Hartley, owner of A Native Bloom.

It adds a level of uniqueness and originality to an otherwise boring tuxedo! I especially love how vivid the colors of the plants used are.

A Native Bloom is based out of Bend Oregon and provides beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding or event. Check out Madisons website at or follow her on Facebook for more beautiful flower creations.

wedding florist

I found InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals while browsing a photography forum and I was amazed at the quality that this little guy delivers.

Photo booths have been around for a long time, but recently they have been becoming a must have at wedding receptions and corporate events.  They add a layer of fun and quirkiness to the party that is hard to replicate. Photo booths have until recently been huge bulky black boxes that delivered low quality images… but InstaStyle changes that.

This recently launched photo booth rental Columbus Ohio company was founded earlier this year by two professional wedding photographers after noticing the poor quality of other photo booths while photographing weddings. InstaStyle aims to fix all the things people hated about photo booths.

People hated that they were so large, so the founders of InstaStyle made theirs slim and sleek.

People hated the quality of the images, so InstaStyle uses professional DSLR cameras and lighting

People hated the set up, so InstaStyle provides a photo booth technician to set up and tear down the booth for your event.

Less than  a year old and this company is already getting some serious attention.  I can’t wait to see more great thing from them!

Photo Booth Rental Columbus Ohio

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